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Since Bali has been known as the Island of Paradise,
millions of people from all around the world have visited the island.

"Re-Visit Bali" is a global movement ,
that aims to Re-Energize and Re-Promote the wonderful Island of Bali. 
We provide all interesting Information for everyone,
so that many people can prepare their next visit to Bali.

"Be ready for your next Re-visit to Bali."
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"Re-Visit Bali is a global movement with digital platform that developed to restore the long-standing passion of the tourism industry in Bali. "

"We hope through this website all stakeholders in the Bali tourism industry and visitors who love Bali can have plenty of information to re-visit this beautiful island when international travel restrictions have begun to be eased."

The Location Of Bali

Astronomically, the island of Bali, which has an area of about 5,700 sq km is located at 08º03' South Latitude - 08º50' South Latitude and stretches from 114º26' East Longitude to 115º42' East Longitude. In simple words, it is located between Java Island and Lombok Island.  

The island has a tropical climate, in urban areas the temperature ranges from 26-34 degree Celsius, so don't forget to bring your sunscreen when you visit the Island.

The time zone of Bali is (UTC +8), please make sure that you set the right timing on your watch once you arrived on Bali Island.  

The Island of Bali is sometimes mistakenly thought as a whole sovereign Country, however, this beautiful island is belong to the Country of Indonesia. Therefore, please make sure that you write the right name "Indonesia" as the country name in your embarkation card. Also, please exchange your money with the right national currency of Indonesia, which is Rupiah.  

Famous Top Destinations

The Denpasar city is the capital of Bali, Denpasar has the various attraction for a holiday. This is the most populated area of Bali.
Ubud is a town located in the middle area of Bali Island. It's also home to many exotic restaurants, cafes and traditional cultural markets.
Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua
Various world class 5 stars hotels & resorts located here. Visitor can enjoy several water activities such as parasailing, snorkeling or scuba diving 
You can enjoy seafood dinner at the beaches, Jimbaran is home for many seafood restaurants, You can also find a lot of great spots for sunset here.    
 You can enjoy too many things at Kuta, from budget accomodation, luxurious Hotels, Foods, and Shopping. Kuta beach is the great place for swimming and surfing, 
Kintamani is the spectacular mountainous region, where we see the harmony scenery between the mountain and lakes. You can even enjoy a view like this while soaking in a hot spring.
Other Wonderful Destinations
Bali Also Has These Wonderful Destinations for You to Explore:
Tanah Lot, Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul, Banyumala Twin Waterfall, Dreamland Beach, Pandawa Beach, Kelingking Beach, Devil's Tears, 
Diamond Beach, Broken Beach, Lovina Beach, Pura Besakih and many other places with amazing views.

Check out the Beauty of Bali Island

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Foreign Tourists Visit to Bali from Recent Years by Port Entrance

The Year of 2016

The Year of 2017
The Year of 2018
The Year of 2019
The Year of 2020
The Year of 2021
As we can see from the statistics above, from the year of 2016 until 2019, the number of foreign visitors to Bali has increased significantly by 27.34%, about a 7% increment each year. On the contrary, after the next 2 years, the numbers have been steeply reduced by (-78.29%) in the year of 2020 and reduced to as low as 51 foreign visitors in the year of 2021. This is a (-99.99%) decrement, the worst year ever in Bali's tourism history.

The creator of this website hopes that this situation will gradually change in the future years. As we can see from the numbers, the only thing that reduces the number of visits is THE GLOBAL COVID 19 PANDEMIC; otherwise, Bali will remain a popular destination for fellow foreign tourists. Many tourism businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, spa centers, shops, tour offices, tour guides, and transportation companies, have been severely impacted. They have been trying their best efforts to follow the health protocol when doing their business for the safety of their customers. However, Some of them are not financially strong enough to pay their own staff's salaries, therefore they are forced by global conditions to have taken a bitter decision, some people had closed their business permanently in 2021 due to financial reason.

Fortunately, during this difficult period, Bali was still visited by many local tourists who came from various provinces all around Indonesia. But still, the number of visits from our local citizens is not enough to recover the full tourism industry potential of Bali Island. The Indonesian government has to make a very tough decision, between the health of all Indonesians and economic recovery in the tourism sector. However, what is certain is that the Indonesian government has been trying its best to find ways to restore the tourism industry of Indonesia, especially in Bali. 

By creating this website, I strongly believe that there is still a glimmer of hope for the tourism industry in Bali to rise and grow as the pandemic begins to subside. I can't wait to see the crowd from various countries around the world again waiting for their luggage at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai International airport of Bali. I cant wait to see the smile of happiness when people take their photos in many wonderful places of Bali. 

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, 
Keep Believing, Keep Praying.
There is a Hope.

After this heavy rain, We have to believe that there will be a rainbow.

-The site creator who loves Bali so much-

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